The Original Tree Hugger

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This past weekend marked the celebration of Earth Day β€” a celebration of Mother Nature and the things that she provides; a time for honoring and commemorating the natural things around us and how we interact with them; a time for hugging trees.

chipkoNo one knows more about hugging trees than the village women in India who helped to form the Chipko Movement. The Chipko Movement formed in 1970 in response to the destruction of forests throughout India. Local villagers gathered together and began wrapping themselves around the trees, preventing contractors from cutting them down, earning the name Chipko which means to hug or embrace. Within 10 years the movement spread throughout India and led to a variety of forest policies and the termination of chopping down large amounts of trees in a variety of regions.

Today, there is a shoe company by the same name, CHIPKOS continues to work to carry out the very same tradition. Their main ambition is to protect the earth’s environment by replanting forests around the world.

CHIPKOS has partnered with non-profit environment protection organizations such as SaveNature.Org and American Forests to allocate funds towards environmental protection. They even work to minimize environmental strain by limiting paper use and working in solar powered offices.

For every item you buy at CHIPKOS you work to help save our environment.

Right now when you purchase a Tree of Life Pendant, CHIPKOS will plant one tree! Plus take advantage of their Mother’s Day Sale and receive an additional 20% OFF and FREE shipping when you use the promo code WOWMOM. Plus don’t forget, when you use your beruby account you will also receive an additional 15% cash back!

398627_Tree of Life Pendant - Chipkos

So what are you waiting for… order yourself (or your Mom) a pair of CHIPKOS!
You’ll make your feet happy and help save the environment while you are at it!

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