It’s not the prize gives the joy, but the toy!

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Toys are awesome! They’re ageless and quintessential in human development. Toys are the perfect item for entertaining children and often times adults as well. They can be silly, fun, educational and help nurture and develop imaginations. Best of all, toys never lose their purpose — to be played with!


In 2001, Ron Goldman and his wife established a kid friendly destination called KimmyShop for those harder to find children’s characters such as Muppet characters, Moshi Monsters, Caillou, and more! In addition to plush toys, puzzles and board games you can also find really fun, bright and colorful backpacks, tote bags, and party paraphernalia. KimmyShop even stocks the classics like Crayola and HotWheels!

Visit the KimmyShop using your beruby account and say hello to your favorite childhood friends. You might even incorporate a little learning fun with play time.

THIS WEEK ONLY: In honor of Earth Day save 20% on recyclable tote bags including your favorites such as Hello Kitty, The Beatles, The Muppets, etc., when you use the coupon code EARTHDAY20 at check-out.

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