Food at your Door…

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What do you do when you are tired and hungry and don’t feel like cooking? When you’d rather stay in your sweatpants, curled up in your slippers; when you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant and be stared at by people, what do you do? You call up your favorite place for pick-up, and why not?  According to the National Restaurant Association Survey, 60% of adults between the ages 18 – 34  are more interested in home delivery than dining in the restaurant.

Nowadays, restaurants have their own websites boasting promotions and their online menus and ordering online has become a convenience for many. Nearly 25% of restaurants receive their orders these days online or from mobile services.

Now you too can have your favorite restaurant meal delivered to your door!

Feeling like a pizza or a big bowl of pasta? NO PROBLEM! Wanting to SPICE things UP? How about a little Mexican or Indian to change things up for the night!

Give yourself a break from the kitchen and order your next meal from! Plus receive 7.00% in cashback savings when you order using your beruby account!

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