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Posted on 30-11-2011 | 3 comments

Hi berubiers — Give yourselves a pat on the back! You made it past Black Friday and Cyber Monday and have successfully moved into the final month of the year — DECEMBER — which marks many special occasions, and no different from any other monthly beginning we have issued your payments in hopes that you can put it towards a little something special this holiday season.

Lucky for me, December just happens to be this berubier’s birthday month, not to mention the biggest month for spending, shopping, celebrating, or in my case taking a VACATION!!!! But with this bit of news, and all of the current and future changes that are taking place in beruby, we have made an executive decision to temporarily pause production of the blog since I will be unavailable to create posts.

Therefore, as of today, we will be temporarily removing the rubies from the blog until the first of the year when we can approach 2012 with increased vigor and determination! We hope that 2012 will be our year to shine and in 2012, we hope to give you, our berubiers, a bigger, better beruby that you can save more with, earn more with and participate more in!

Although we wont be posting regularly in our blog, we will be making announcements during the month of December on our facebook wall, in the beruby news and will continue to provide you with coupons, promotions and great deals from participating advertisers. We hope that this does not come as an inconvenience — we certainly want you to have an amazing holiday experience!

For now, we will leave you with some great deals taking place now and we encourage you to keep checking back for some fantastic ways to save and celebrate this holiday season!

Quantum Wireless Devices

  • Save $10 on all orders over $100 when you use your beruby account and coupon code QUANTUMCJ10100 
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  • Valid through Jan 1 2012

  • Take £10 OFF eyeglasses over £60 PLUS receive FREE Delivery when you use your beruby account and coupon code LW10SPECS
  • receive 10% OFF and get FREE Delivery when you order for your first time using your beruby account and coupon code LWDEC!
  • Receive FREE DELIVER when you use your beruby account and coupon code LWDELIVERY!

  • When you use your beruby account and promo code  Flex512 you will receive one of the following:
    • 5% OFF a Single Trip,
    • 10% OFF a Annual Multi-Trip
    • 12% OFF a Gap Year
    • 12% OFF a Long Stay

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