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Posted on 24-01-2011 | 2 comments

According to the latest technological talk, engineers are in the process of putting mobile phones into space.  When I first read this head line I thought, this seems a little unnecessary. I mean after all, who is planning a trip to Mars in the near future? And, who exactly is going to be the service provider with coverage extending into outer space?  I can’t even get good reception on this planet right now!

Truth be told, no one will be using their mobile phone to make planet to planet phone calls.  Instead, scientists are sending mobile devices into orbit, several hundred kilometers above the planet, to see if these little gadgets can function as low-cost satellites.  The project’s goal is to determine if cell phones can reach orbit without blowing to bits, if they can work in a vacuum, and if they can operate at extreme low and high temperatures.

The phones will not be “calling home.” Instead, messages and pictures will come back through a satellite radio.  What scientists are hoping for is to significantly reduce the cost that is involved with building satellites.   If the project is successful, then these smaller, off-the-shelf electronics may very well be used in the future to lower the cost of its spacecraft designs.

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If they can cut back how much money they spend on space programs than its worth it to me!

That’s amazing ideal.

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