Looking forward to an unforgettable summer holiday? BeRuby can help make it affordable!

Posted on 25-05-2009 | 2 comments

Are you tired of the city and the office? Tempted by the glorious sunny weather and the long days, ready to pack your suitcases and disappear on some divine beach? Problem- you cannot afford it? We have the answer!

Don’t keep on putting off your vacation! BeRuby has over 20 of the best travel agencies offering great holiday deals and packages to the most popular destinations worldwide. Check out the infinite options that  Expedia offers and make your dream vacation come true.

Moreover, if you would like to try something other than a conventional holiday, BeRuby invites you to explore the option of camping for your next getaway. VacanhSoleil offers more than 325 campsites in 16 European countries leaving you with a wide choice of destinations to explore.

However, if you want to organise your holiday yourself, BeRuby can help you find the best web sites for flights and hotel searches. Hotels.com , Hotel Connect , Hostelbookers would provide you with loads of options for the best lodging at the best prices. When it comes to transportation, BeRuby has advertisers who offer all means of transport- ferry, train, bus, plane, and car. The best traveling companies are our partners: Hertz 

So, don’t postpone your fabulous vacation anymore! Go to BeRuby and start planning your next getaway!

Because it is summer time!

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In fact both the information on the site and your account are right. On the site it says >0.01 GBP (less than) in order to have all the commissions with two decimal points and what this ‘less than’ translates into is exactly 0.005 GBP per visit. I hope I have resolved your doubts. Thank you for your interest in BeRuby!

Kind regards,

Hi! I’ve got a doubt…in the Pay for visit section it is said that Blog Beruby and Youtube will pay 0.01 per visit, but in the transactions of my account they are paying half of it: 0.005….which one is right?

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