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Posted on 25-04-2009 | 4 comments

sb10062765j-001.jpgWelcome to BeRuby, the portal that you can personalise to include links to your most commonly used sites, such as your mail, your news, your shopping sites, the blogs you follow… Finally, you can have all of them at hand, organised in the way that is the most intuitive and useful to you.

In addition, BeRuby has agreements with hundreds of advertisers in the UK who will pay for your visits, registrations or purchases in their sites. They are signaled with 1, 2, or 3 rubies, depending on the magnitude of the commissions they offer.

Unlike other portals that keep 100% of the revenue earned, BeRuby will share one-third of the revenue advertisers pay us from your activity at their sites. So, for instance, shop at Tesco, register at Kodak Easyshare Gallery, or visit Facebook and you will see your earnings progressively increase, just for doing it through BeRuby… it’s like that with hundreds of popular merchants.

BeRuby needs your help to grow. By inviting your friends to join BeRuby, they can become part of your network, which can also help to increase your earnings. Once your friends (and any friends they invite) start being active in with the advertisers in BeRuby, you will earn one-sixth of the revenues that they generate.

You will see your pending balance increase in approximately 48 hours after your activity. When you have reached 10£ in your confirmed balance, you can request a payment from BeRuby. It can be deposited to either your PayPal or your current account. Easy does it!

And, remember, you can always contact us at cc@beruby.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Again, welcome to BeRuby… our portal, your portal!

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Hi, I hope this beruby have the same sucesfull that the Spanish version. This web is awesome, i´m encourage you to register in Beruby and start to win money surfing internet, it´s very easy. ;)

thanks for the info! really useful! :)


We checked your network account where you really have 2 friends but the problem is that they have only registered and do not make any transactions which would increase your balance respectively. So, do not worry everything is working perfectly well; the moment when your friends start shopping through Beruby, you will see it reflected in your balance as well !



2 of my friends are in my network, but Imy balance isn’t increasing with their activity…is everything working properly?
Thanks for your help!

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